Nimeto Utrecht is a passionate trade school. We are an autonomous, small-scale and safe vocational school at intermediate level (Dutch mbo level) working with experienced craftspeople and offering specialized and practice-oriented courses.

About us

Nimeto Utrecht is a passionate trade school. We are an autonomous, small-scale and safe vocational school at intermediate level (Dutch mbo level) working with experienced craftspeople and offering specialized and practice-oriented courses. The students are prepared for trades in three fields of business, as well as for relevant further, higher vocational education (Dutch hbo level). The fields of business are: Design & Styling, Creative Technique and Real Estate & Brokerage. As a trade school we are at the heart of society and maintain close contacts within these fields of business. Our business contacts are of crucial importance to us. We very much enjoy working together!


Nimeto Utrecht was founded in 1922 as the National School for House Painters. Over time, a growing need developed for options other than the house painting profession. This is why the subject of window display was added to the curriculum. The name was changed from National School for House Painters to Nimeto Utrecht which, in Dutch, stands for Nationaal Instituut voor Middelbaar Economisch en Technisch Onderwijs Utrecht (National Institute for Intermediate Economic and Technical Education Utrecht). Over the past years the school has grown and with a current student number of 1200 it has gained a strong foothold within the intermediate vocational education field of the Netherlands.

Today Nimeto Utrecht offers the following courses: Styling, Interior and Design; Styling and Presentation; Media and Communication; (All-round) Sign maker; (All-round) Stand and Set Builder; Specialist of Restauration and Decoration; (Journeyman) House Painter; Project Manager Real Estate Maintenance, Entrepreneur and Foreman.

BOL or BBL courses

We offer courses following both the school-based pathway (Beroepsopleidende leerweg, or BOL in Dutch) and the job-based pathway (beroepsbegeleidende leerweg, or BBL in Dutch). During school-based courses the students attend lessons at school during the entire week while work experience is acquired during fixed internships at recognized companies. During job-based courses the students works as a contractor or employee for four days a week and attends classes for one afternoon and one night a week. This type of course is also sometimes referred to as part-time education.

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Design & Styling

Styling, Interior and Design
During this course students learn how to work according to the development cycle of the creative industry. This means they are able to switch from assignment to research and from designing to realization and presentation. They will learn how to converse with their clients. During the marketing classes they will further research the client/brand and focus on the target audience. They will also take a lot of classes in creative subjects such as window dressing, designing stands, 3D-printing, laser cutting, photography and using computer programs for drawing and designing such as InDesign, Photoshop and Cinema4D. This enables them to extend their knowledge of materials and learn techniques for making mood boards, scale models, (shop window) displays and websites. Apart from classes in creative subjects and marketing they will also learn languages, math, entrepreneurial skills and management. During the course the students will serve two twenty-week internships.

Level 4 | 3 or 4 years | BOL (school-based)

Media and Communication
Students following this course will become true media all-rounders. They are taught many different media skills. The three most important cornerstones are: video, photography and text. They will learn how to prepare for, make and edit or manipulate video’s and photo reportages. And they are also taught how to write short and catchy (media) texts and use these in their own graphic designs. But there is more. They are kept informed about the latest developments and have to acquaint themselves with the most recent media applications. They will learn how to strategically use social media and blogs. Furthermore, they will learn how to produce an online magazine and how to compile newsletters. It goes without saying that the students will also be trained in a variety of interview techniques and are taught the basic rules of journalism. As many magazines are geared towards news and lifestyle, they will learn how to translate contemporary trends into media productions. Apart from lessons in media skills, they will also take classes such as styling, marketing and trend watching. During the course the students will serve two twenty-week internships. 

Level 4 | 3 years | BOL (school-based)

(All-round) Sign Maker
Students following this course will learn how to prepare texts and images, to print, plot and cut them out and to apply the results to bill boards, vehicles and shop windows. They will take care of this themselves or teach these skills to their clients. Working with Adobe Illustrator, economical use of materials and machine operation are important components of the classes. Apart from classes in creative subjects, they will also learn languages and math. During the second year of the course, the students will serve a four-month internship. Those who continue their studies to become All-round Sign Makers will serve another internship lasting two months during their third year.

Level 2 | 2 or 3 years | BOL (school-based)

Styling and Presentation
Students following this course will learn everything there is to know about styling and presentation. They are taught how to style and present fashion, perfumes and other products in the most attractive way possible on the basis of a variety of window dressing techniques. During this process they will also provide decorations to complement the character of the product. For a window dresser/stylist it is also extremely important to be well-informed about the latest trends. In order to put theory into practice, the school owns a number of special display cases for the students to practice in. They will learn how to work in a team and in a customer-friendly way. Apart from classes in creative subjects, they are also taught languages and math. During the second year of the course, the students will serve a five-month internship.

Level 2 | 2 years | BOL (school-based)

Creative Technique

Specialist in Restoration and Decoration
Students following this course will often work on external projects such as designing and producing murals and decorating shop interiors. They will also take part in projects abroad, such as restoring and decorating old murals and sculptures in churches. Examples of this are the ‘Ancemont’ project and the Utrecht art route.

To enable them to work in a professional way, they will learn everything there is to know about historical color research, restoring (mural) paintings, making imitation wood and marble, gold leaf plating, making stained-glass windows and painting decorative images. Apart from classes in creative subjects, they are also taught languages and math. In the second and fourth year the students will serve a six-month internship.

Level 4 | 3 or 4 years | BOL (school-based)

(All-round) Stand and Set Builder
Students following this course will learn how to make wooden structures by hand and by machine. Think, for example, of sets and trade fair stands. They are taught how to work with a variety of system elements and finishings, such as painting, upholstering and wallpapering. Apart from classes in creative subjects, they are also taught technical drawing, basic VCA (Safety, Health and Environment Checklist for Contractors), languages and math. After the two-year Stand and Set Building course, the students can continue for another year in order to graduate as an All-round Stand and Set Builder. During this third year they will work on more complex assignments, such as large and arched structures. And they will also take classes in work safety, communication skills and entrepreneurial skills. From the start of the second year, the students will serve a fulltime internship until mid-January.

Level 2 | 2 or 3 years | BOL (school-based)

Real Estate and Brokerage

(Journeyman) House Painter
Painting is a traditional and practical trade. We teach our students to work with a variety of different paints and tools. They will receive training in both indoor and outdoor painting techniques, color and paint application techniques, safety techniques, glazing and wallcovering.   

During the first year, the students will get acquainted with the basic techniques of the painting trade. During the second year, the assignments will become more difficult and the students are expected to work more independently and professionally.

The two-year, level 2 course to qualify as a House Painter can be continued with a one-year, level 3 course to qualify as a Journeyman House Painter. During this third year the students will mainly work on indoor and outdoor projects. They have to be able to work independently, to supervise and need to have mastered all painting techniques. They should also have a thorough knowledge of more extensive and difficult assignments such as wood rot repair and partial replacements. The students will serve a ten to twelve week internship during the spring in both the first and second year. An internship in the third year is optional.

Level 2 | 2 and 3 years | BOL (school-based)

Project Manager Real Estate Maintenance
Students following this course are taught everything there is to know about the maintenance of housing, offices and monumental buildings. They will acquire knowledge about architectural structures, surfaces and finishing materials. Property maintenance, supervision and management are important components of this course, just like business knowledge and skills. After all, these students will have to perform a pivotal function in one or more projects. In order to become an expert assistant real estate agent for housing, they will have to learn about the legal issues involved in buying and selling homes as well as the more creative sides of the profession. They will learn how to compile an effective sales brochure and how to organize an information evening. During the third year they will be starting an enterprise of their own in the form of a StudentCompany. This will give them the opportunity to learn all they need to know about communication, leadership, finances and human resource management within a team of enthusiastic fellow students. The StudentCompany will be co-supervised by professionals from the business community. In the second and fourth year the students will serve a six-month internship.

Level 4 | 3 or 4 years | BOL (school-based) 

In order to become an expert entrepreneur, the students will be learning many different entrepreneurial skills. They will be taught how to establish priorities and goals over longer periods of time. To this end, they need to analyze what turnover they need to make a profit. On the basis of the desired profit margin, the cost price and VAT, they will determine the sale price and work out the amounts of money they are expecting to spend and receive. They are taught how to draw up a budget and guard the financial situation. The students will be given an insight into purchasing policies and will learn the best way to present and promote the company and bring in orders. Apart from that, they will learn how to coach, supervise and guide employees.

Level 4 | 1 or 4 years | BBL (job-based) 

Students following this course will be taught many different skills. The will learn how to execute operations according to predetermined procedures and plans. They are taught how to check quality and guard the project’s progress. The students will acquire knowledge on architecture and technology and will also develop an extensive knowledge of quality assurance and norms as well as procedures surrounding the implementation of laws and regulations with regards to health, safety and the environment. The students are given insight into finances and automated data processing and will also learn what it’s like to supervise a team. Furthermore, they can choose one of the following optional course components: entrepreneurship intermediate level (mbo), preparation for higher education (hbo), architectural advice related to maintenance, conversion and renovation of real estate and result-based collaborations (project implementation).

Level 4 | 1 or 4 years | BBL (job-based)

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Project education

The combination of project education and the transfer of knowledge is the basis for our type of education. Professional practice takes center stage. The students work on assignments and projects from actual practice and the company or organization who are their clients, are closely involved in the process and the finished product. Apart from practical classes, the students also take theory lessons.

Individual learning path

Everything revolves around the development of the students competences: knowledge, skills and professional attitude.We offer students the space to determine what and how they wish to learn. In this way, students are able to accelerate, deepen and broaden. This enables them to partly design their own learning path and forces them to take responsibility for their own achievements.

Advancement to higher vocational education

On a yearly basis, about 30% of our graduates enroll in advanced, higher vocational education (hbo). To help our third and fourth year students make a choice for further education, we invite several colleges and art academies to present themselves for our yearly hbo fair. Through classical presentations and an information market, the students are informed about the possibilities for advanced education.

Visit us

We would love to meet you and show you our school. This is, for instance, possible during our Open House, information afternoons or taster days. For more information, please contact the Communication and Information Department through

Drop by, acquaint yourself with our courses, teachers and students and experience the atmosphere. We are there for you and will be glad to tell you how great Nimeto Utrecht is!


Internship companies and business relations abroad
We are proud of our collaborations with companies offering internships and other business relations. Together we are able to create relevant education and worthwhile internships at recognized learning companies such as Ikea, Dille & Kamille, de Bijenkorf, Endemol, Oil for Live and Hypsos.

The SBB (Samenwerkingsorganisatie Beroepsonderwijs Bedrijfsleven), the Cooperative Organization for Vocational Education and the Labor Market, is responsible for recognizing and supporting these learning companies. In this context, the same conditions that apply to Dutch educational companies, also apply to educational companies abroad.

Together with the SBB we can ensure that our courses are attuned to professional practice. It is important for us to collaborate, because it offers us the opportunity to learn from each other. It also allows us to train our students to become future professionals who are able to navigate their way through the field of business that we have trained them for.

If you want to inform us about an available internship, would like us to find you an intern please contact the internship coordinators at telephone number +31(0) 30-2714624.  Our Internship Guide can be downloaded here

Collaboration projects with partners abroad
The project office of Nimeto Utrecht would like to get in touch with companies and non-profit organizations that trust our students to carry out projects for and with them. By working on realistic projects that are executed on location, the students will further develop specific skills, knowledge and competences. We are also interested in exchange programs with other schools.

Do you have an interesting project, know interesting schools or would you like to know more about the possibilities and conditions? Please send an e-mail to We will contact you as soon as possible to discuss the possibilities.